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Stories and More II for grades 2 -3


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Description of Stories and More II

Stories and More II is designed primarily for second and third grade students, but first and third grade students should find the literature in Stories and More II appealing.

bullet22 stories, offering content-rich, high-interest fiction and non-fiction published literature titles on-line
bullet12 core books arranged in theme-based units with correlated activities, on-line and off-line
bulletAdditional 10 related books in an on-line library, with Going Beyond Questions
bulletStories read by a variety of adults and children
bulletOn-line Notes and Folders features available while students read books on the screen; provides the opportunity for students to write, save, edit and print on-line notes
bulletReading comprehension strategies on-line and off-line
bulletTeacher Guide activities created by teachers
bulletExpanded Teacher Options Menu to allow teachers to create or modify "Going Beyond" questions for writing activities; view and print student notes and responses for inclusion in portfolios
bulletAll 22 books are leveled for guided reading and read aloud records for each story are available.  Click here for Downloads.


Theme:      Look and Discover


The Trek


Shadows: Here, There, and Everywhere


When the Tide is Low

Theme:      Times and Places


Roxaboxen bullet

The House on Maple Street bullet


Theme:      World Watch


Nine O’Clock Lullaby bullet

Houses and Homes bullet

World Water Watch

Theme:      Creature Features


An Octopus Is Amazing bullet

Fireflies in the Night bullet

Lizard in the Sun

Features and Benefits

bulletIncludes on-line and off-line activities for unit stories bulletProvides informative and friendly audio support and feedback bulletProvides Teacher Options Menu to allow flexibility in tailoring program features for a single child, group of students, or the entire class bulletProvides mouse support for easy navigation bulletOffers lively on-line tutorials to teach children how to use the mouse and other program features bulletProvides award-winning Teaching and Learning with Computers (TLC) Teacher Guides with computer and non-computer activities to develop reading comprehension, and extend the literature to other curriculum areas such as social studies, science, mathematics, art, and drama bulletComplements a literature-based or traditional approach to reading bulletSuggests Home Fun activities for each unit/core book to help foster home-school communication and extend school learning bulletBound copies of the books are available so children can experience and explore the literature in a variety of ways bulletOffers primary-grade children engaging experiences with literature in print and on the computer that encourages them to develop reading comprehension skills and an appreciation of literature bulletIntroduces new concepts and helps students relate what they already know to what they will read bulletProvides audio support to help children read high interest books successfully bulletEncourages the extension and application of information presented in books bulletUses literature to explore other curriculum areas bulletHelps students build reading comprehension strategies bulletEnables teachers to meet individual student needs through program customization

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