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Stories and More I for grades K-1


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Overview of Stories and More I

The Stories and More program is intended for Kindergarten and first grade emergent readers as well as special needs and English as a second language students. Beginning readers can also benefit from the lively voice-supported stories and related on-line activities.

bulletCollection of 36 on-line stories combining traditional, contemporary, and original children's literature
bullet16 unit stories with related activities arranged in four units; stories and activities become more complex; 20 additional stories in on-line library
bulletTeacher's choice to have students use Stories and More in sequential or menu mode
bulletTeacher's choice of a moderate or slower voice speed for natural story readings
bulletOption for teachers to create their own Going Beyond questions and assign them to individual students
bulletAll 36 books are leveled for guided reading and read aloud records for each story are available.  Click here for Downloads.

        Unit A


I Need a Lunch


The Happy Day


The Little Red Hen    


The Carrot Seed

        Unit B


Peter's Chair bullet

Three Billy Goats Gruff bullet

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie bullet

The Gunnywolf

        Unit C


Morris the Moose bullet

The Hare and the Tortoise bullet

Owl and Moon bullet

Donna O'Neeshuck Was Chased By Some Cows

        Unit D


Lion and Mouse bullet

Marvin's Mouse House Mess bullet

The Letter bullet

Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies


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