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TLC Mathematics 5 - 6

Ratio of Backpacks

Fill in the Missing Tiles

Reflecting on Patterns 
Complete the Reflection

Area of Triangle using Geoboard

Fill in the Amount Spent on each Spice

Exploring Integers
Click on James to change direction,  
then click on the number line to move him.  
Where does James finish?

3 Sum Puzzle
How many buttons between each pair of sets?

5 Sum Puzzle
How many Triangles between each Pair of Sets?

Odd-Even Sum Puzzle
Fill in the sets so that two of the sums are 
even and two of the sums are odd.

Vertex Math Game - 
Coordinates in Cartesian Plane

Decimals and Fractions 
Card Game

What Did I Buy?
Comparison Shopping
Which Costs Less?


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