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Outcomes Express is a registered trademark of MOBIUS Corporation


Features and Benefits

Developer's Corner

Professional Development

System Requirements

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Overview of Outcomes Express

Outcomes Express, designed for Pre-K, Kindergarten, state-funded preschool, Head Start Programs, and some Special Education and English as a Second Language students, is a tool for teachers and program administrators to simplify the evaluation process and to help tie assessment with curriculum planning.

Outcomes Express is a series of computer-based activities and teacher input used to evaluate a child's development, knowledge and progress in the following:

  1. Alphabet Letters
  2. Patterns
  3. Language and Literacy
  4. Letter Sounds
  5. Rhyming Words
  6. Shapes and Colors
  7. Environmental Sounds
  8. Number Concepts
  9. Spatial Relations
  10. Numeral Recognition

Features and Benefits

Outcomes Express incorporates eight domains of child development that are important for academic success in school. These include:

Language development-- listening and understanding; speaking and communicating

Literacy-- phonological awareness, book knowledge and appreciation of print, print awareness and concepts, early writing and alphabet knowledge

Mathematics--number and operations; geometry, patterns and spatial relations; data collection and measurement

Science--application of skills and methods of inquiry in developing knowledge and understanding natural process

Creative arts--music, art, movement and dramatic play

Social and emotional development--self concept, self control, cooperation, social relationships, knowledge of families and communities

Approaches to learning--initiative and curiosity; persistence, reasoning and problem-solving

Physical health and development--fine and gross motor skills, health status and practices


Developer's Corner

Many educators are looking for ways to integrate assessment results with the planning and development of opportunities for learning. For those educators who want assessment to inform curriculum decisions Outcomes Express provides a way to achieve this goal. Using Outcomes Express assists teachers in the process of individualizing activities to enrich each young child's classroom learning experiences.

Outcomes Express combines teacher observation with direct assessment of a child's skills via computer-based assessment. This software program offers teachers an easy way to sample the child's skills across the domains and elements that are traditionally incorporated in early learning programs.

Once assessments for all children in a classroom are completed, the Classroom Summary Report aggregates student data across domains. Results of this analysis generate lists of small groups of students who can benefit from activities targeted to enhance the acquisition of abilities and skills in specific domains and elements.

Recommended learning activities that specifically tie assessment results to curriculum are then printed for each small group. The recommended learning activities promote children's development and acquisition of concepts and skills delineated to the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework and school curriculum. The age range of activities assessed is 2 yrs. 9 months to 5 years, 11 months.


Professional Development

Outcomes Express training is typically completed in one 8-hour day with an optional one or two days training/follow-up to address integration and customization options. Outcomes Express can also be combined with KidWare over the course of two 8 hour days.

Training Goals:


Understand the structure of the computer-based evaluation tool and the print and report features available for teacher, parent and district use


Understand the Teacher Utilities and the steps needed to begin using the software


Explore strategies for using Outcomes Express throughout the course of the year as well as how to apply suggested strategies with or without KidWare


System Requirements

* This product is compatible with Optional Management Systems such as TLC SchoolConnect, Visual CASEL, Novell ZenWorks, and Microsoft's Roaming Profiles.


Supported OS



Disk Space

Outcomes Express

W95 osr2, W98 SE, W2K Pro SP1, XP Pro

P133 800x600

16 bit 32 MB


Novell 3,4,5,6 w/ Minimum patch list, WINNT SP4, W2K Server SP2

60 MB for Program

512 KB for User



Outcomes Express Brochure in .pdf

Outcomes Express PowerPoint Demo

Outcomes Express Software Installation Guide in .pdf




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