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Write Along


Features and Benefits

Developer's Corner 

Professional Development

System Requirements

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Overview of Write Along

Write Along is a multi-dimensional word processor and draw program designed especially for young students in grades K-3. Write Along gives students the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts and provides text-to-speech feedback on their writing. The program provides multiple levels of support as students develop their understanding of written language as a means of communication.


Features and Benefits

bulletProvides conventional word processing functions with a graphical user interface which encourage exploration by children and makes navigation simpler.
bulletIncorporates word processing with a graphics editor, so children can express themselves by writing and illustrating.
bulletMakes spacing, punctuation, left to right progression, and other writing conventions easy to manage.
bulletIncludes visual and audio feedback so students can be successful on their own.
bulletLets children produce their own finished piece that looks like the print they see in real books - something they can be proud of.
bulletHelps children write naturally, using their own creative expression.
bulletGives teachers the option of providing a spell checker.
bulletEncourages integration with other popular IBM early elementary products.
bulletIncludes graphics from other IBM K-3 education programs including Writing to Read 2000, Stories and More, Stories and More II, Nature of Science Visit Series, Exploring Math Concepts, Math and More 1 and Math and More 2.

Educational goals

bulletStudents encouraged to share ideas in writing across all subject areas
bulletStudents combine text with original pictures or clip art
bulletStudents encouraged to redefine, reorganize, elaborate and change initial ideas in writing and drawing
bulletStudents become confident in their ability to write
bulletStudents gain understanding of the fundamentals of word processing conventions


bulletGoals 2000
- Student competency in core academic subjects
- Student academic achievement to compete in the economy of the 21st century
- Parental participation
- Professional development


Developer's Corner

Research in writing development shows much about young writers as they begin putting together an understanding of written language. Early writing by young children combines drawing, invented spelling, copying, and repetition of familiar patterns. Writing tools are the building blocks of literacy. When given opportunities, young children actively construct meaning using written symbols.

Computers are now an integral part of many classrooms. Word processors are additional writing tools students can use to compose stories and write messages. Word processors free young children from concern over letter formation and enable them to focus on expression of their written thoughts.

The Draw Editor was included in Write Along since young, emergent writers do not typically make marked differentiation between what they draw and what they write to communicate their messages. Both are intended to convey intended meanings.

Text-to-speech feedback, one of the features of Write Along, seems especially beneficial for young writers. Children tend to become very excited when they hear the computer read back what they have written.

The design of Write Along was based on research in writing development, with and without computers, and a review of functions that tend to offer children the most support. The specific features built into Write Along reflect an understanding of the developmental needs of young writers.

Write Along can be implemented in a classroom and supports Teaching and Learning with Computers (TLC) .

Write Along naturally lends itself to support writing activities across the curriculum. The Graphics Library includes clip-art from key IBM educational software programs for grades K-2, including  Writing to Read 2000, Stories and More, Stories and More II, TLC Mathematics, and Nature of Science "Visit" Series.


Professional Development

Write Along training is a component piece of any beginning writing and reading program. Participants should understand the concepts and practices of Write Along and the role it plays with early writing. 

Participants will:

bulletLearn the fundamentals of word processing included in the Write and Draw Editors. bulletUse the Teacher Options to customize the Write Along software. bulletCreate sample documents which use thematic connections and may incorporate ideas from teacher guides, manuals and other software packages.

The Write Along training can be completed in a half-day training or can be combined with another product to address integration ideas.


System Requirements

* Audio required.  Use Headsets or Speakers.
* This product is compatible with Optional Management Systems such as TLC SchoolConnect, Visual CASEL, Novell ZenWorks, and Microsoft's Roaming Profiles.


Supported OS



Disk Space

Write Along

W95 osr2, 
W98 SE, 
W2K Pro SP1, XP Pro

P133 800x600 

16 bit 32 MB


Novell 3,4,5,6 w/ Minimum patch list, WINNT SP4, W2K Server SP2

45 MB for Program

512 KB per user


Screen Image 
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Write Along Brochure in .pdf





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